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Ten Things You Should Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming very common. More and more people are taking the plunge and going under the knife in order to fix or alter various parts of their body. However, undergoing plastic surgery is a very big step and people should always make sure that they know exactly what they are getting into. Below are a few things that individuals should consider before undergoing plastic surgery.

  1. Research
    Individuals should think about exactly what they want or need done and then do extensive research on the procedure. Individuals should find out everything they possible can about the procedure in order to help them decide if it is something they really want to do. It is also a good idea to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong.

  2. Risks Involved
    Many people overlook the fact that there are risks involved with plastic surgery. Anytime an individual is having a part of their body cut open or operated on, there always can be potential complications. For those patients that require an anesthetic, this increases the possible risks. Individuals should always consider and be mindful of the risks involved before undergoing any invasive procedure like plastic surgery.

  3. Nothing Is Guaranteed
    The majority of people undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. People undergo procedures to erase the aging process, get rid of belly fat and even get breast implants. Most people have an idea of how they want the surgery to turn out and how they want to look afterward, but any type of plastic surgery involves a small gamble. Individuals should never try to compare their results with another person because there is no guarantee how their procedure will turn out. Most people are pleased with their surgery and happy with the results but some people end up with bad results. In some situations, people actually look worse after the surgery than before! So only go under the knife if it is a MUST.

  4. Costly
    No doubt about it, plastic surgery is very costly. The simplest procedures can cost thousands of dollars. Individuals must be prepared for the cost and be ready to pay the bill out of their pocket. Most insurance companies do not cover plastic surgery unless it is to correct a medical condition. Also, in most areas, many of the top surgeons are often more expensive so that is additional money that individuals must be prepared to spend. Individuals should always use the best surgeons in order to ensure quality work. Individuals must also be prepared to pay for prescriptions, medicines and other costs associated with any pain medicine or additional materials that will be required after the surgery has been completed. And again, don't expect your medical insurance provider to pickup any of these bills.

  5. Difficult Recovery
    Those who undergo plastic surgery will probably experience some pain and at least moderate to high discomfort levels. For those who are getting in depth surgeries, their recovery time will be even longer. Individuals should prepare themselves, as well as their family, for dealing with the healing process. If there are any complications, such as infections or anything else abnormal, the recovery is generally even more painful.

  6. Recovery Time/Lost Wages
    Like most surgeries, those who have plastic surgery will need time to recover. They will have to take time off work to heal from the surgery. Individuals must be prepared to use vacation time or go without a paycheck during the recovery period. Many individuals will also require help until they are able to move around as usual. Individuals may require help getting dressed, or performing simple tasks such as grocery shopping or cooking. Depending on the procedure, some people are unable to drive for a period, so they may need other people to drive. Individuals should always make sure that they know they will have dependable help for the recovery period.

  7. Effect on the Body
    Some plastic surgery procedures can negatively affect other areas of the body. Procedures may leave scarring or have a negative effect on the skin. Individuals should inquire about any negative effects the procedure could leave on their body. Some people may find that the procedure is not worth the potential risks on their body and may find other alternatives, such as wrinkle remover creams. Scars and effects on the skin are generally two effects that most people would not be relatively happy with after paying big money to undergo plastic surgery.

  8. Follow ups
    People who undergo any type of surgery generally have to do follow ups and the same is true with plastic surgery patients. Patients should be prepared for any follow up visits that they may have to do. They should also be ready to pay for the visit out of pocket because again most insurance policies do not cover cosmetic procedures. Individuals must also be prepared to take additional time off work to go to the appointments. Many times the appointments are very hard to get so it may be very hard to cancel or reschedule.

  9. Not a Magic Cure
    Individuals must remember that plastic surgery is not a magic cure. Plastic surgery should not be used as an excuse not to take good care of one’s body. For example, those people who get a tummy tuck should not expect to miraculously be skinny or stay skinny. They should be aware of the fact that they will have to incorporate diet, vitamins and exercise to truly reap the benefits and have lasting results. Skin and other body parts will still be susceptible to stretch marks, sagging and other potential problems so individuals should not view plastic surgery as the answer to all their aging problems.

  10. Other Alternatives
    Many people believe that plastic surgery is their only option, but there are other, less extreme things that people can do. For those people who are trying to fight the aging process, there are anti aging products and other less invasive procedures such as Botox. Individuals should always consider all of their options before making a decision.

Even though plastic surgery has become extremely popular in today’s society and many people undergo several procedures, it can still be very dangerous. Individuals should know all the facts and make sure that they are doing what is best for them.