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What Medicines Slow The Aging Process?

Like it or not, aging is a fact of life. Our bodies, because they are organic, are vulnerable to degeneration. We do not have the same resilience as a sheet of 2-inch-thick steel alloy, for instance. Yet this fact should not discourage anyone from trying to ward off the effects of aging, not necessarily out of vanity but out of a desire to feel as healthy as possible while retaining optimal cell and tissue growth function and, as a bonus, to fight illness and disease.

The standard medical response to the debilitative process of aging has been to wait for illness and physiological dysfunction to set in and then treat the resulting conditions as they appear. This could be compared to driving a car every day for 5 or 6 years without practicing preventative maintenance, such as changing the oil or doing a tune-up and then replacing the parts as they break down. It’s a reactive mind-set, at best.

A Proactive Medical Approach to Aging

The discoveries and advancements in recent years concerning the biological matrix that defines the processes of the human body have inspired a new, more proactive approach to aging. There is now an increasing number of medical professionals and a growing body of scientific evidence, that support those methods of diagnosis and treatment that address the root causes of underlying conditions that accelerate aging.

As a result, there are more anti-aging medicines available today that can help restore our ability to fight infections and disease while returning the vigor, stamina and overall well-being that is attainable when the body works to its utmost capability. These medicines address not only existing debilitative conditions, but the proper processing of nutrients, anti aging vitamins and other elements that will guarantee anyone of any age the longest and healthiest life possible.

DNA, Hormones and Aging

There have been new discoveries that point to mutations of mitochondrial DNA and its effects on aging. This DNA element has been found to be crucial to maintaining cellular integrity, much like antioxidant enzymes. Healthy cell growth is such an important part of retaining the status of the skin, hair, bones and muscles that are most affected by aging.

Hormones are also a critical aspect of the aging process. The human growth hormone (HGH), produced by the pituitary gland, contains 191 amino acids, which are essential to metabolism and cell production. HGH produces a protein in the liver known as Insulin-like Growth Factor. These two elements work together to maintain healthy muscle tissue, strong skeletal structure and skin integrity. A synthesized growth hormone has been developed that can support HGH functions and increase the body‘s regenerative capabilities. Your local anti aging clinic will be able to tell you more.

Conclusions About Anti-Aging Medicine

These advances in proactive medicine are available today. The barrier has been broken between the possibility of rejuvenation and the attainment of a more youthful and healthier body.