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How Good Nutrition Slows Aging

The human body endures a great deal of stress in a lifetime. Just the physical exertion required to take care of the business of living every day has enough of a degenerative effect to decrease a person’s longevity by 10 years. This is especially true in today’s fast-paced and high-stress environment, where the added mental and emotional challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing world around us can take years off of an otherwise healthy person’s life.

Many people try to defeat these debilitating effects by making changes in their lives. They understand the need to recharge their bodies perhaps better than previous generations have. There is also an increasing awareness of the possibility of not only an improved state of physical and mental health, but of a longer life to enjoy these benefits as well. New discoveries and advances in health care and nutritional medicine are making their way into the marketplace every day because of this interest in holding onto our youth and our health.

The New Approach to Medicine

The traditional methods that anti aging medicine has used over the years have taken a “wait and see” approach to health care, for the most part. The enormous assets that are available for the treatment of a wide spectrum of physiological conditions are focused mainly on addressing ill health only as it presents itself. Although there is practical sense in using medicine to treat existing illnesses and diseases, it can be seen as a limited way to look at overall health care.

A more expanded approach to treating the human condition that includes not only a response to existing illness but an attempt to address the suspected causes of illness and disease is becoming the focus of more and more health care professionals every day. This approach makes sense when you understand the importance of basic nutrition and the role it plays in human health. This new understanding has caused a greater interest in supplements and anti aging vitamins that can help fight the effects of the aging process.

Nutrition and Today’s Health Care

In the past, the reality of aging and limited life expectancy was not questioned, especially by medicine.  A great deal of study and effort went into treating diseases that have plagued mankind for many years, such as polio and cancer. Despite this genuine interest and effort, the result was a disassociated body of knowledge that only looked at the present condition of an afflicted person. Little consideration was given to the organic elements that figure into a person’s general health, and certainly little was given to the connection between nutrition and improved health until the 1960s.

We are now beginning to see the connection. The interaction between essential nutrients and physiological functions is understood better now, especially by the general public. The growth of the homeopathic and organic food industries is one indication of this. Another is the increased interest in life extension through better and more focused nutrition.

Nutritional Support and Aging

The importance of maintaining sufficient levels of essential nutrients has never been clearer. The mysteries of the past concerning good health are being swept away as people begin to see the value of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and minerals to the continued healthy function of their body. Those who have taken steps to include more vitamins and other elements in their diet are reporting not only better health, but an innate sense that they were rejuvenating their bodies. The result of these personal experiences has been the realization that good nutrition is not just essential for overall well-being, it can actually make a person look and feel younger.

Some members of the medical profession have also taken an interest in this new approach to health care and longevity. There has been a proportionate expansion of study into the connection between nutrition and the various chemical processes that make the human body reach its true potential. Great progress has been made in the study of nutritional supplementation to assist the natural workings of the body’s systems. There is more knowledge today of how hormones, phytonutrients, and lipoproteins play a role in increasing the body’s ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself.

Final Thoughts on Anti-Aging Supplements

Today, more and more people are changing their opinion about the necessity of nutrition and dietary intake. There is more information available today than there ever has been, and this time it isn’t the snake oil salesman who is hawking his wares to an uninformed public. Medical doctors, nutritionists, and even internal medicine specialists are trying to inform people about the possibility of feeling better and living longer through nutritional supplementation. The result is a population who has a better understanding of their own health and how their bodies work, as well as the tools to make it a part of their daily lives.